Cars and Driving

Owning or operating a car in Hungary can be both a pleasure and a pain. We can help deal with that nuisance.

  • Vehicle purchase and sale
    • Hungarian law makes a distinction between the owner and the operator. Non- EU citizens may own a car with a Hungarian license plate but may not be its operator. The operator, and not the owner, must be insured, therefore non-EU citizens will have significant difficulties in getting a car registered and insured in Hungary. We can definitely help with the red tape.
  • Maintenance and repair, car wash
  • Rental with or without driver
  • Safe driving training: learn how to drive safely on slippery roads.
  • Driving instruction in English, up to obtaining a Hungarian driver’s license
  • Equipment rental (bike rack, roof box, trailer)

Please note that the police must be notified for any road accident in Hungary that involves a vehicle with foreign issued license plates. For such cases our phone assistance and translation is included in our customers‘ monthly service fee.