Who we are

We are a team of Hungarians working with expats living in Hungary. Our expertise of over a century combined derives from working with diplomats, representing an American airline, organizing custom tailored travel programs, human resources consultancy, enterprise IT and telecom management, business development and public relations, personal assistance to high net worth individuals, not to mention raising multiple families. We have seen a lot and enjoy new challenges.

Gábor Kaczmarczyk

Gábor is a true public relations person: he loves working with people. For a long time he worked at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, first as an accountant and later as commercial specialist. After leaving the Embassy, Gabor worked as a human resources consultant, and then as business development director for a biofuel project. Until recently he doubled as personal assistant to the founding owner and as public relations manager of an oil and gas exploration and production company. He also worked extensively with the American Chamber of Commerce, actively participating in the work of the Membership and the Energy and Environmental Committees.

Contact Gábor by email at gabor@yourconcierge.hu or
by phone at +36-30-250-1099.

Daniel Szöllősi-Nagy

Daniel is a former expat himself, having lived five years in France and two years in the UK. He worked as a commercial contractor for the US Embassy in Budapest, as a helpdesk specialist at a call center, and then most recently as the IT manager for an oil and gas exploration company.

Contact Daniel by email at daniel@yourconcierge.hu or
by phone at +36-70-316-7402.



Katalin Kóródy

Katalin is a seasoned human resources and airlines industry professional. Experience makes it easy for her to cope with multicultural work and life relations: she is a mature, trustworthy person who loves working with families with children. Katalin’s current interest is in personal assistance as well as household, child and healthcare, but she would also work on organizing events and providing complex HR services and solutions.

Contact Katalin by email at katalin@yourconcierge.hu or
by phone at +36-20-940-2888.

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